Google Custom Search goes mobile


Google announced that its Google Custom Search tool, which enables website owners to add customized search boxes to their pages, now formats query results for mobile phones. "If you own a web site and add a Google Custom Search box to it, when your users access the site on an Android-powered phone, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Palm Pre, they will see optimized search results formatted for these devices," writes Google Search group product manager Rajat Mukherjee on the Official Google Mobile Blog. "When they search on your website, they are redirected to a Google-hosted Custom Search results page created specifically for your Custom Search engine. If you'd like to serve these mobile results from your own web site, you can host your own version of the mobile Custom Search home page."

Mukherjee adds that Custom Mobile Search results can be configured to match the look and feel of individual websites--Google has also enabled interactive features including label tabs for navigation and promotions. The web services giant promises new features are in the pipeline.

For more on Google Custom Search for mobile:
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