Google Docs, Sheets finally add iPad Pro support, though some features still missing


The iOS versions of Google's Docs and Sheets apps today received updates that implemented support for the iPad Pro.

Before now, the apps available for the iPad Pro were not specially tailored for the iPad Pro's form factor. For example, the new versions will use the full resolution capabilities of the iPad Pro, according to Six Colors.

Apple also implemented a word count tool to the iOS version of Docs as well as some various bug fixes and performance improvements for both Docs and Sheets.

However, one key productivity feature still seems to be lacking.

Google reportedly neglected to add support to either app for the Split View function on the iPad Pro, according to Six Colors. That's a helpful tool for dividing up the screen among apps for research, chat or anything else a mobile worker with a full plate needs.

It appears that other Google apps, like the YouTube app, also have not fully taken advantage of all of the features of the iPad Pro. It is unclear whether the absent features across Google's suite are a matter of priorities or a bit of gamesmanship resulting from Google's own rival set of Android devices.

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- read the article from Six Colors

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