Google Earth for Android adds Street View access


Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) introduced an updated version of its free Earth mapping and travel application for Android, adding support for the company's Street View technology.

Street View presents interactive, 360-degree images of roadways across the globe, enabling users to view photos of homes, businesses and landmarks from a sidewalk-level perspective. "With the addition of Street View to Earth for Android, you can now check out the world from the street level too," Google explains. "Simply zoom into an area you'd like to explore and Pegman will appear in the right hand corner. Drag and drop the Pegman into the street, and you'll be greeted by familiar Street View interface."

Google Earth 7.1 for Android also boasts improved directions allowing users to visualize step-by-step transit, walk and bike directions in full 3D. New search suggestions slash typing time and effort, and users may also browse all search results in detail with a flick of the finger. "The new interface is also streamlined," Google adds. "A simple click of the Earth logo in [the] top left lets you browse and enable Google Earth layers like Panoramio Photos, 3D buildings and Wikipedia." 

Google Earth for mobile is currently available on Android devices running Android OS 2.1 or newer and all (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS devices. The 3D buildings feature is only available for devices powered by Android 3.0 or newer.

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