Google enhances Maps for Android with cross-device syncing


Google released a new version of its Maps for Android application that syncs with the user's search and directions history across all of their other devices. "When you start to type a place or directions into the search box on your Android device, you'll see suggestions for directions and locations that you've previously searched for--making it easier to quickly find directions on the go," explains Google Maps software engineer Keiji Maekawa. "You can also see your mapping search history, as well as your directions history, on your Android phone by going to the 'Search' or 'Directions' tab under My Places. This way, places and businesses you have already searched for will show up in your suggestions to save you time when you're out and about." As in previous iterations of Google Maps for Android, users may also set locations like 'Home' and 'Work' to more quickly access directions to those destinations. Google states that millions of users access Maps for Android each day--as of earlier this year, the service has provided 50 billion kilometers of turn-by-turn directions. Blog