Google Glass could be life saver for emergency responders


While Google Glass has come under fire for privacy and safety concerns, a number of vendors are moving ahead with applications to bring the smart glasses into the workplace.

In May, mobile device management vendor Fiberlink announced that IT managers would be able to manage mobile devices using Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Glass to access its MaaS360 MDM platform.

The latest effort is an application developed by Mutualink that provides hands-free multimedia information for first responders.

Using Google Glass and the application, fire fighters could review a building schematic to help them more easily navigate through a burning building, while keeping their hands free for fighting the fire and rescuing victims.

In addition, emergency medical technicians could review victims' current medical records while triaging patients at an accident scene, as well as transmit back images to the doctors at the hospital. And police could watch a video feed from security cameras during a confrontation with a shooter in a public place like a school.

The Mutualink app would take advantage of Google Glass' onboard audio and microphone, video camera and built-in heads-up display and would interface with a FirstNet 4G LTE wireless broadband connection.

"The capabilities that are made possible by combining Google Glass and Mutualink can save lives in many crisis response situations. Though Google Glass is still in beta, we are quite enthusiastic to be at the cutting edge of technology, and taking a leading role with Google Glass and its novel implications from a societal benefit perspective," commented Joe Mazzarella, senior vice president of Mutualink.

When it comes to privacy concerns, Mazzarella said that Google Glass is no different than many public and private surveillance systems already deployed.

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