Google launches contextual ads within mobile apps


Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is rolling out new mobile search ad formats promising more useful and relevant information for consumers who conduct search queries within mobile applications.

Google's contextual ads

Click here to watch a video about Google's contextual ads for mobile.

The new Custom Search Ads offer contextual promotions within apps designed to offer users information--for example, solutions enabling consumers to search for nearby restaurants. According to Google, the format also helps developers generate greater revenue via ad integration. Also new: Click to Download, a format designed to help users searching for information about an app by linking them directly to Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store and Google's own Android Market.

Google also launched Mobile App Extensions, a beta unit enabling businesses to leverage mobile search ads to direct consumers to a page within a mobile app already installed on their smartphone. "For example, if someone searches for sneakers on a mobile device, they might see an ad that takes them directly into a cool shopping app they've installed on their phone," explains Google Mobile Ads senior product manager Surojit Chatterjeee on the Official Google Blog.

In an effort to streamline its mobile advertising efforts, Google is now transitioning all mobile website publishers to its AdSense service platform, limiting access to its AdMob network to mobile application developers. On Sept. 30, Google halted AdMob support for older WAP sites--for the time being, Google will continue to offer AdMob products and services for promotions and sites optimized for smartphones, although it will eventually transition those publishers to AdSense as well. Google began the transition earlier this year, migrating all AdSense for Mobile Applications beta participants to AdMob.

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