Google Play yanks unofficial iMessage app for violating store policies


The Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play storefront has removed an application enabling Android users to access archrival Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iMessage chat service. The app, dubbed iMessage Chat and built by Android developer Daniel Zweigart, was removed for violating Play store policies, a Google spokesperson told Computerworld.

Apple's official iMessage app lets consumers exchange free text messages, photos and videos among all iOS devices, and is strictly limited to the Apple platform. iMessage Chat, launched earlier this month, circumvented Apple's restrictions, enabling consumers to share iMessage conversations across Android and iOS devices. The app soon came under attack from other developers who claimed iMessage was harvesting Apple ID usernames and passwords, and routing that data through a Chinese Web server.

"This not only means that Apple can't just block them by IP address, but also that they get to keep the 'secret sauce' on their servers (and potentially just run Apple code: there are some parts of the process in Apple's client code that is highly obfuscated)," said Jay Freeman, creator of alternative app store Cydia, in a Google+ post.

Apple introduced iMessage in mid-2011. The computing giant said in July that customers have sent roughly 900 billion iMessages since the service's inception.

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