Google rebuilds AdMob to boost mobile app monetization, installs


Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is rolling out a revamped version of its AdMob mobile advertising network, promising app developers a host of new tools to improve discovery, distribution and monetization.

The rebuilt AdMob integrates technologies from other Google ad services including AdSense and AdWords, introducing new features including Conversion Optimizer, which touts increased conversions and decreased cost per acquisition. "We're now bringing Conversion Optimizer to app developers using AdMob to promote their apps, so they can get the best possible number of installs for their budget," notes AdMob Product Manager Vishay Nihalani. "Choose a target cost per acquisition for each download, and Conversion Optimizer will show ads when they are most likely to lead to an install."

Google also is simplifying AdMob Mediation, which allows developers to maximize fill rates by running ads from multiple networks. AdMob Mediation sends requests to multiple ad networks, including AdMob itself--if the top choice is unable to fill the request, the product works down a list of alternatives in the order specified by the developer, continuing until it finds a network that can fill the request or until it's exhausted all possibilities within the designated networks.

The AdMob overhaul additionally brings more robust ad filters to improve the relevance of ads running in mobile apps, also letting developers block sensitive ad categories to protect their brand. Google is also introducing local payments to eliminate time spent calculating currency conversions and organizing money transfers, as well as more intelligent reports allowing developers to break down data by app or ad unit, platform, country, bid type and other metrics.

"We're continuing to see changes in the actual app monetization industry," Jonathan Alferness, Google's director of product management for mobile ads, told TechCrunch. "The platform enables us to grow and pivot and change. You can look at the platform and start to imagine missing pieces--one of the areas where we know that we have more work to do is tracking and analytics."

Google acquired AdMob for $750 million in mid-2010 and integrated the network into its AdWords desktop advertising platform roughly two years later. IDC reports that Google's mobile ad efforts generated 2012 gross revenues of $243 million, trailed by Millennial Media (NYSE:MM) at $151 million, Apple (NASDAQ:APL) at $125 million and Jumptap at $90 million.

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