Google releases developer checklist to boost tablet app quality


Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has issued the Tablet App Quality Checklist, a new resource designed to help developers build Android applications and games that meet the expectations of tablet owners.

The Tablet App Quality Checklist focuses on developmental challenges like optimizing software layouts for larger screens, maximizing the additional screen real estate and using icons and related assets designed for the tablet form factor. The checklist includes 10 tasks in all. "Each focus area comprises several smaller tasks or best practices," notes Android developer relations tech lead Reto Meier on the Android Developers Blog. "As you move through the checklist, you'll find links to support resources that can help you address the topics raised in each task."

Critics contend that many Android tablet applications are simply blown-up versions of smartphone apps and games. Earlier this year, Google rolled out its Android Design portal, offering developers insight into creating more stylish and appealing applications; the site offers multiple style and pattern components developed to foster more visually compelling and consistent apps that look and run the same across different Android devices.

The Google Play storefront now boasts more than 675,000 Android apps in all, with downloads topping the 25 billion milestone late last month. Developer interest in Android lags behind enthusiasm for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS, however: A recent Appcelerator/IDC survey reveals that 76 percent of developers are very interested in building Android smartphone apps and slightly less than 66 percent indicate strong interest in Android tablet apps. Eighty-five percent of respondents are very interested in building apps for the iPhone, and 83 percent express comparable enthusiasm for creating iPad apps.

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