Google+ syncs notifications across platforms, updates Android app


Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is updating its Google+ social networking platform to sync notifications across mobile and the desktop.

"When you read a notification on one device, we'll mark it as read on your other devices," explains Google technical staffer Balaji Srinivasan. "Likewise, dismissing a notification (with a swipe or a click) does so everywhere, so you can say goodbye to annoying repeats." Google is updating the look and feel of Google+ notifications, introducing a new bell icon that alerts users to updates as well as an overhauled notifications tray that separates unread from previously read items.

Google is initially rolling out the improvements to its Android application and the Web, with Google+ for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS to follow.

In conjunction with the changes, Google updated the Android app to version 4.01, letting users delete images from the Photos view. The revamped Google+ app also lets users tap into a post to view the number of +1's, comments and reshares--in addition, the left-hand menu design is now more consistent with other Google apps.

Google+ launched in mid-2011. The platform rivals Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) by giving users the flexibility to selectively share materials with friends and family sorted into circles. Google+ now ranks as the second-largest social platform worldwide with more than 500 million users but still trails far behind Facebook, which tops 1.1 billion monthly users across the globe, including 751 million mobile monthly active users.

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