Google takes 'quantum leap' with new cross-platform UI framework


Google is preparing a new user interface (UI) framework for its products across all platforms to be called Quantum Paper, according to a report by Android Police.

Quantum Paper is a unified design framework to make user experience consistent across any system, including desktop and mobile web, Android and iOS, the report explains. The framework will also enable third-party developers to develop cross-platform Google apps.

Quantum Paper grew out of Google's Polymer toolkit for responsive design websites using predefined but customizable building blocks, according to the report.

The framework "will include interface, motion, and interaction ... on all platforms, making for not just clearer and more consistent UI but also a more consistent user experience," the report observes.

In an InfoWorld article, Forrester analyst Jeffrey Hammond comments that Quantum Paper "looks like a next generation of implementing Web standards to provide consistent look and feel across Chrome views, essentially turning the rendering engine of the Chrome browser into a consistent, embeddable component across multiple devices. It's similar to what we see which Apache Cordova today, but with a significantly enhanced developer's framework--maybe an extension of the thought behind Angular."

The InfoWorld article says that the Android Police report "provokes as many questions as it purports to answer. It isn't clear, for instance, if Google will offer its iOS toolkit to third parties or if it will keep that in-house to encourage developers to build Android and Web apps rather than for iOS."

Android Police expects the Quantum framework to be officially released with the unveiling of KitKat's successor Android "L," which could happen at Google's I/O developers' conference later this month.

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