Google touts platform-wide Android search integration


Google is continuing to reveal more details on its Android mobile operating system in advance of this month's release of the T-Mobile USA G1, the first Android-powered handset. Writing on the Official Google Mobile Blog, Android software engineer Andy Stadler reports that Android's mission is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," which includes integrating the web services giant's signature search tools as a platform-wide feature: Every searchable Android application will include a Search menu option, with some (such as Maps) supporting type-to-search, others (like Android Market) featuring Search buttons and still others (like the homescreen) offering Search widgets. Stadler adds that the G1 will also include a dedicated Search key on the bottom row of the handset keyboard.

Android search services will also offer users suggestions as they type, continuing to refine the list of possibilities with each keystroke. On the G1, Google web searches will use Google Suggest technology to offer relevant suggestions, while other apps like YouTube or Gmail will suggest queries based on past searches. Users may also share search capabilities with each other. Google notes that it has shared an API, documentation, sample code and related tools with third-party developers to enable their applications to implement basic search services as well.

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