How to find, keep and maximize a mobile app's 'power users'


Power Users Every successful product has them, and they can go by various names. To some, they are the superfans. To others, they might better be called the die-hards. According to experts in the mobile marketing space, however, app developers should figure out how to get closer to what they refer to as "power users."

In the mobile space, power users may be particularly relevant to developers because they represent that core percentage who drive the majority of installs, in-app purchases, shares and more. But Chuck Martin, CEO of the Mobile Future Institute, a think-tank based in Boston, suggests that few developers properly understand the nature of power users in the apps space today, even though these users could offer the keys to profitability and success from a developer perspective.

"They don't really distinguish that there are these groups out there," said Martin, whose third book, Mobile Influence: The New Power of the Consumer, comes out later this year. "It's a subset of the market, but it's a really good subset." Feature