How Google's AdWhirl shutdown will impact mobile app developers


Google is shutting down its AdWhirl service by the end of September, encouraging developers to migrate from the ad mediation service to its AdMob Mediation platform instead.


AdWhirl allows developers to run ads from multiple ad networks.

Mad Rabbit developer Vinh Nguyen, who first leaked Google's plans to media outlets, expressed frustration with the decision to sunset AdWhirl. "We developers understand that [AdWhirl] might be discontinued in the future, but terminating this in three months is just too fast for us to migrate," Nguyen said. "A lot of developers depended on most of their revenue through this product." Other developers took the announcement in stride. "We did use AdWhirl, but I expect we'll just migrate to AdMob Mediation," said Gavin Bowman, a developer with RetroDreamer based in Los Angeles, which created the casual game Sneezies for iPhone and iPod touch. "We've been expecting this to happen eventually."

Developers are not obligated to move to AdMob, of course, which means some new opportunities may open up for others in the ad mediation space. This includes Burstly, MoPub and Smaato, which has U.S. offices in San Francisco. Smaato's service lets developers extend their monetization options from just Google to multiple demand partners, including ad networks and real-time-bidding vendors, according to Smaato's General Manager for the Americas Peter Baldwin. The company plans to offer dedicated account managers and technical resources to help developers with the transition from AdWhirl, if they're interested.

"Because of the scale of AdWhirl, we feel there will be a large number of developers that may have been looking for a more hands-on service that are now being forced into making a decision," Baldwin said. Feature