How much longer can endless runner games keep up the pace?


Endless RunnerAfter about five years of existence, the only thing that seems truly endless about the "endless runner" mobile game genre are the possibilities. Alongside role-playing games and other app categories, the endless runner (or endless platformer) has easily emerged as one of the most tried-and-true mechanisms for appealing to consumers. Even The New Yorker devoted a recent piece to the endless runner's origins and evolution, tying some of its influences to early games played on the Commodore 64.

The questions facing developers now are whether there are already too many endless runner titles in the app stores and whether finding an audience for them will become increasingly difficult if someone manages to create a more compelling alternative or if consumers get tired of the concept. "I think developers will continue to make endless runners, for a couple of reasons," says Trevor McCalmont, an analyst at mobile marketing and marketing firm NativeX. "Endless runners don't take nearly the amount of development time as an RPG or a game with asynchronous multiplayer. They also have nearly universally understood mechanics like swipe and tilt and perfect session lengths to kill some time, which make them popular with users." Feature