IDFAs help solve mobile ad revenue generation mystery


Mobile apps don't support cookies. That makes it difficult to track mobile ad attribution--the process of determining if potential customers really are seeing your ads.

But as noted by an article at Venture Beat, "the introduction of Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) has changed the landscape and provided a way to attribute the revenue generated by mobile."

The article notes that Web-based customer tracking is all very cut-and-dry. Cookies allow marketers to track user activity with online advertising, email marketing and search engine marketing. But tracking mobile customers has been a different story.

So why the change? Because of the now widespread use of user-controllable identifiers for advertisers by Apple and Google, the article explains.

Venture Beat cites four particular benefits in tracking mobile activity:

  • Impressions and clicks are tracked to the mobile device, and a mobile device is more directly connected to a single user.
  • Apps can integrate a single tracking technology to handle advertising and conversions and to post conversion activity.
  • Integration of tracking into apps means better control and measurement of user interaction.
  • Mobile advertising systems offer insight into return on ad spend, average revenue per user and user lifetime value due to concise event tracking.

In conclusion, the article explains that "mobile apps have the power to track more events tied to a single user, and that means advertisers have a better picture of advertising performance."

For more:
- check out the Venture Beat article

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