Infographic: The Apple of IT's eye


Apple devices are increasingly being embraced by enterprises and supported by IT departments, according to a survey of 300 IT execs conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of Apple device management software provider JAMF Software.

The survey finds that the percentage of Apple devices in the enterprise has more than doubled over the last three years.

A full 90 percent of respondents said they support the Apple iPhone and iPad, and 60 percent say they are supporting more than 100 Apple devices.

"We have seen a big shift in a few years from primarily Windows with limited use of Apple to widespread adoption" of Apple products in the enterprise, Tad Johnson, commercial marketing manager at JAMF Software, tells FierceMobileIT.

Almost all of those surveyed said they expect significant growth of Apple devices in the enterprise in the next three years.  

Of course, JAMF Software makes its money by pushing adoption of Apple devices by enterprises. Still the survey sheds some light on a definite trend in the enterprise.

For JAMF's full-size infographic, click here.

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