Infographic: M2M 'as a service' coming to the enterprise

Enterprises will be able to transform M2M communications into insights and opportunities, predicts Verizon

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications "as a service" will be one of the key enterprise tech trends for 2014, predicts Verizon.

"Ubiquitous 4G LTE wireless service and the availability of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions 'as a service'--on demand, over the Internet and ready to use--coupled with strong security will overcome the issues that have previously prevented many organizations from fully embracing M2M," explains Verizon in a release.

By using M2M as a service, enterprises will be able to transform M2M communications into business insights and opportunities.

Through M2M, manufacturers, dealers and business partners will be able to realize the "full potential of new revenue streams and increased operational efficiencies, while better meeting the needs of their customers," Verizon says.

Check out Verizon's full-size graphic here.