Infographic: Mobile video stalling continues to frustrate consumers


Mobile video stalling and buffering continues to be a problem, with stalling rates that range between 40 percent and 73 percent of all videos played in the U.S., Brazil, Russia, India and Indonesia, according to a study by web browser firm Opera, OpenSignal and On Device Research.

Video session stalling rates across all wireless network types ranged from 40.8 percent of videos played in the U.S. to 73.3 percent of videos played in India. As a result, half of the consumers surveyed in each country said they experienced low quality, lagging or "buffering" when they watched videos "often" or "all the time."

To conduct the study, Opera combined global data from its Skyfire unit on mobile video network loads with bandwidth test data from wireless network performance firm OpenSignal, using data from late 2013 on global networks. Opera worked with On Device Research to survey consumers in the five countries about their personal experiences with mobile video.

Opera has an economic interest in uncovering mobile video stalling issues because it provides mobile video optimization through its Rocket Optimizer product. Still, the study results are informative as more mobile content is being delivered in the video format.

Check out Opera's full-size infographic on the study results here