Infographic: Mobility can help retailers combat showrooming


Close to half of consumers admit to looking at a product in a brick-and-mortar store and then purchasing that item for a lower price online--a practice known as showrooming.

This consumer practice poses obvious problems for brick-and-mortar stores that have overhead costs that purely online retailers don't have. These problems include lost sales and damage to floor samples.

Mobile commerce firm MobStac offers five tips to brick-and-mortar retailers to leverage mobility to lessen the impact of showrooming and encourage customers to make in-store purchases.

Brick-and-mortar retailers should provide a "seamless cross-channel experience across devices," leverage mobile couponing to increase in-store visits and purchases, use in-store navigation apps to help customers locate items, deploy mobile payment options to reduce the hassle of waiting in line, and use store locators on their websites to help consumers find their stores.

Check out MobStac's full-size infographic here.

The Future of In-Store Shopping - Infographic

MobStac--Cloud-based m-commerce platform

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