Infographic: Restaurants lag far behind consumers in using mobility


While 83 percent of smartphone users say they rely on their devices to make dining decisions while traveling, only 16 percent of restaurants have mobile apps, according to an infographic put together by CONNECT 2014 mobile innovation summit and mobile payments venture Isis.

Fast food restaurants are ahead of other restaurants in developing and deploying mobile apps, with 53 percent putting mobile apps as a top priority this year, according to the infographic data. Well-known fast food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's have already deployed mobile apps.

In addition, 94 percent of smartphone users use their device to look up local information and 84 percent take action as a result, such as buying something or contacting a business.

To see the full-size infographic, click here.

Want to connect with customers? Think mobile first. [infographic]
Want to connect with customers? Think mobile first. [infographic]
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