Internet of Things will be a key enabler of the digital business of the future

Digital businesses will be to see and act on opportunities within seconds, says Gartner

The Internet of Things, in which billions of smart devices and objects communicate through wired and wireless infrastructure, will be a key enabler for digital business of the future, says Gartner.

Using this growing technology network, digital businesses will be able to see and act on "business moments," transient opportunities that are exploited within seconds, predicts Jorge Lopez, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

"Digital business will break down traditional barriers between industry segments, creating completely new value chains and new business opportunities that may not be filled by incumbent players. It will also challenge existing industry boundaries and challenge the dominance of leading players in an industry and cause them to rethink the businesses they are in," says Lopez.

Business moments, which can last only seconds, must be incorporated into an enterprise's business model and processes if the business is to seize the opportunities.

"Every industry has business moments that will be critical to an enterprise and to customers or citizens. These moments of opportunity and competition that lead to the gain or loss of a sale, or the transformation of an industry, can happen in an instant. The question is how will enterprises handle these momentary opportunities and challenges in the digital future," observes Don Scheibenreif, research vice president at Gartner.

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