Is it time for enterprises to ditch their PCs?


Could enterprises switch out all of their PCs for tablets and still be as productive?

Yes, says Mike Elgan, a Silicon Valley-based tech writer in a Baseline article.

"Relative to tablets, PCs are expensive, bloated, require far too much training, are more vulnerable to attack, are less mobile and take up too much space. Plus, they have far more compute power and flexibility than most users could ever need," he argues.

Elgan challenges a few assumptions about PCs versus tablets to prove his point.

  • Tablets don't have keyboards: Almost any tablet can be equipped with a physical wireless keyboard, he says.
  • Tablets can't run enterprise apps: Android and Apple tablets can access the cloud, where many enterprise apps reside. In addition, tablet apps are easier to develop than PC apps, he notes.
  • Tablets don't have serious backend support: Elgan predicts that by next year widespread backend support will be available for tablets and smartphones in the enterprise.

"While the third-party market for backend support is vibrant enough--and a constant work in progress--the leading companies have announced huge strides in serious support for tablets and smartphones in the enterprise," he argues.

Elgan concludes: "Of course, it's up to you and your staff to decide what the right tool for the job is. But it's also true that most people have outdated beliefs about both PCs and tablets. It's time to revisit our assumptions and see where tablets might replace PCs everywhere possible."

For more:
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