Japan's NTT unveils BYOD offering with remote wipe capability

Corporate data can be erased without destroying personal information

Japan's NTT Communications is launching a BYOD offering that includes a remove wipe capability for corporate data, according to a report by Dow Jones Newswires.

Employees will be able to use their own mobile devices to view corporate data stored in a central data center. If employees misplace their devices, the service enables the remote wiping of the work data without deleting personal information, the report explained.

NTT tested the service with its sales personnel in February and expects to debut the BYOD service this month. It expects sales of 30 billion yen, or $384.7 million, from the new service in fiscal 2015, according to the report.

Interest in BYOD at Japanese firms is expanding. The recent introduction of the iPhone 5 in Japan is only fueling that interest. The iPhone 5 is being sold in Japan by mobile phone carriers KDDI and Softbank. To accommodate iPhone 5 users, Softbank announced Monday that it was paying $2 billion to acquire eAccess, which has an extensive high-speed wireless network deployed in Japan.

Enthusiasm for mobile devices among the Japanese is fueling the BYOD trend, and NTT wants to capitalize on that growth with its latest offering.

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