Jobs: App Store launch features 500 iPhone applications


As previously reported, Apple will officially launch its iPhone App Store in advance of the iPhone 3G's U.S. retail introduction Friday, opening the store today to coincide with the device's on-sale debut in New Zealand. Forbes first reported the news, citing three sources briefed on the matter. Apple has reportedly instructed developers to keep any announcements on their iPhone applications under embargo until noon EDT today.

In an interview with The New York Times, Apple CEO Steve Jobs says the App Store will initially feature more than 500 applications including educational programs, mobile commerce and business productivity tools, with games representing about a third of the first-wave apps. According to Jobs, 25 percent of the first 500 applications at the store will be free, with roughly 90 percent of the premium applications priced at $9.99 or less. Jobs insists Apple will not rely on the App Store as a source of significant revenue, in much the same way iTunes music sales have contributed little to the firm's bottom line: "We are not trying to be business partners," he said. The goal is to "sell more iPhones."

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