Jolla's Android-compatible Sailfish OS devices will not ship with Google Play


Android-compatible smartphones running Jolla's open-source Sailfish mobile operating system will ship with the company's own mobile app store instead of the Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Play storefront app, Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki told Forbes.

The first commercial Sailfish devices are slated to reach consumers later this year.

Jolla announced Monday that Sailfish is now compatible with Android applications and hardware, noting that Android apps run directly on Sailfish without any modifications. "Jolla is developing an application store in cooperation with leading app store providers through which users will be able to download both Android and native applications for Sailfish OS," Pienimäki said, confirming "Jolla devices won't have Google Play." Jolla device owners may still download Android apps from Google Play and rival stores, however.

Sailfish, first announced in late 2011, is based on the open-source MeeGo platform, which combined Nokia's (NYSE:NOK) former Maemo platform with Intel's erstwhile Moblin efforts. Pienimäki explained that Jolla developed its own Android compatibility layer "based on open-source Android projects and Dalvik runtime together with a third-party technology provider." Google defines an Android-compatible device as "one that can run any application written by third-party developers using the Android SDK and NDK."

Jolla has also made Sailfish compatible with Android smartphones and tablets based on multiple chipset and hardware configurations, enabling vendor partners to exploit the existing Android hardware ecosystem to accelerate their Sailfish rollout plans. "Sailfish OS is designed to meet the compatibility requirements of the relevant specifications needed to deliver competitive user experience for consumers and device vendors," Pienimäki said. "It is to be noted that Sailfish OS however does not include Android OS as such, and thus not all specifications and certifications are relevant. It is up to Sailfish device vendors to consider and apply the relevant certifications."

Jolla has raised $258 million from a variety of telecommunications industry players to launch Sailfish, and it will distribute the OS to device manufacturers free of charge, generating revenue by licensing proprietary software features and from intellectual property rights. The first commercial Sailfish devices are slated to reach consumers later this year. Finnish operator DNA has signed on to sell and market Sailfish smartphones, and Jolla has said that other carrier deals are in the pipeline as well. Jolla has also launched the Sailfish Alliance, which unites OEM and ODM manufacturers, chipset providers, operators, application developers and retailers.

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