Jolla's MeeGo smartphones will run Android apps


Jolla revealed that its forthcoming smartphones based on Nokia's (NYSE:NOK) abandoned MeeGo smartphone platform will run applications optimized for Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android operating system.

In an interview with Finnish magazine 3T, Jolla CEO Jussi Hurmola said that embracing Android guarantees consumers access to a flourishing mobile app ecosystem, sparing Jolla the time and effort necessary to build its own app catalog. Hurmola explained that MeeGo will support Android apps via OpenMobile's Application Compatibility Layer technology, which leverages the Android runtime environment and the Dalvik virtual machine to run all 600,000-plus native apps in the Google Play storefront.

In addition to MeeGo, OpenMobile ACL also supports operating systems including Tizen, Bada and Linux. OpenMobile vows that ACL delivers native Android performance across all platforms, with zero latencies and no changes to device power and memory. ACL also spares Android developers additional modification, recompilation or repackaging.

Hurmola and other ex-Nokia staffers formally launched Jolla last month, announcing plans to release a MeeGo-based device by the end of 2012. The startup has so far divulged few other concrete details, but previously stated "Jolla Ltd. has been developing a new smartphone product and the OS since the end of 2011. The OS has evolved from MeeGo OS using Mer Core and Qt with Jolla technology including its own brand new UI."

The open-source MeeGo combines Nokia' former Maemo platform with Intel's former Moblin efforts. Nokia effectively halted its participation in the project in early 2011 after inking a broad strategic partnership with Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) that positions the software maker's Windows Phone mobile operating system as Nokia's primary smartphone platform. Intel abandoned MeeGo close to a year ago, throwing its support behind Tizen, the Linux-based cross-architecture device software platform backed by the Linux Foundation and LiMo Foundation.

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