Juniper: Mobile game downloads set to triple, eclipsing 64B in 2017


Consumers are on pace to download 64.1 billion mobile games to their smartphones and tablets by 2017, more than tripling from 21 billion in 2012, Juniper Research forecasts.

Juniper credits the increasing number of free-to-play releases, more sophisticated devices and the global uptake of smartphones for the surge in consumer interest, adding that advances in cloud-based, multi-platform gaming will position mobile devices as the primary screen for gaming enthusiasts. Social and casual titles will remain the most popular category, driving more than half of all mobile game downloads. Improved device memory also will enable gamers to download more games to their smartphones and tablets, Juniper adds.

Tablet owners are already downloading twice as many games as their smartphone counterparts, Juniper states. "Tablet games are growing so much because they are such an accessible way for all consumer segments to access games," report author Siân Rowlands explains. "In particular mid-core gamers, who previously spent a lot of money and time playing games but now have jobs, families or other commitments, are driving this trend. These people are really embracing the tablet form factor."

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