Juniper: Mobile wearable device use in enterprise on the rise


Enterprises will increasingly use mobile wearable devices for various applications, including warehouse management, according to Juniper Research in a new report.

Enterprise wearables include mobile devices such as terminal devices, scanners, display devices, as well as tracking devices used for logistics, factory management and production houses, Nitin Bhas, a Juniper analyst and author of the report, told FierceMobileIT.

Enterprise wearables also include heads-up displays for showing data required for users mainly within the aviation and automobile industries, he added.

Overall, the sales of mobile wearable devices and smart glasses are predicted to reach 70 million units by 2017, compared to 15 million units this year, according to Juniper's latest projections. The launch of augmented reality glasses by Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) by mid-decade should spur market growth.

While enterprise use is on the rise, the health care, fitness and sports sectors are expected to dominate the mobile wearable device market, making up 80 percent of the market share by 2017.

To reach its potential, the market will require the development of a wearable device app eco-system similar to the one that has developed for smartphones.

"The development of the smartphone/app store model has opened up new avenues for other segments within the market, such as the wearable device market, by combining mobility with an efficient method of software delivery. The simultaneous development of app-ecosystem and wearable devices will integrate technologies, such as augmented reality, into human life more seamlessly," said Bhas.

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