The Kickstarter approach to mobile app development


Trivi.alIt might take more than $1,000 to really make an app successful, but for Joey Nelson, it was a pretty good head start. The co-founder and president of MobileFWD and his team were working on, a social trivia game based on a highly curated set of questions, when they were approached by AppStori, a crowdsourcing and funding service that tries to connect developers and consumers before their work hits app stores.

"We were asked to create a video describing our product, and this was what first opened our eyes as to how we would market our game," he said, adding that the development process got even better once AppStori launched a Beta Testers feature on its platform. "We were able to sign up users who provided great feedback from playing the game." 

As an added incentive, MobileFWD was among the first development shops to take advantage of a partnership between AppStori and Millennial Media, a mobile advertising network and creator of monetization and monitoring tools. The two firms are offering eligible developers $500 in cash, along with a $500 credit to advertise and promote their app. Developers will be offered a dedicated mentor from Millennial Media, whose mMedia includes an SDK to place ads, rich media and videos directly in their apps. Feature