Lancope unveils offering to tame the BYOD beast


Another week and another option rolls out for taming the BYOD beast. Network performance and security monitoring provider Lancope announced an offering to extend network visibility to smartphones, tablets and laptops.

When employees are using their own devices for work, it can get expensive to always have to install new anti-virus software and other conventional threat detection technology. Lancope's new StealthWatch System leverages existing network infrastructure to analyze mobile device data, flagging device-related issues without the need to install new software or probes.

Using behavioral analysis, StealthWatch takes advantage of flow data on the network to flag behavior that is out of the norm so that a company can detect attacks like botnets and worms as well as network policy violations. With identity and application awareness, the solution traces the cause of the anomaly to the users and program.

"Mobile users often circumvent corporate security policies and safeguards, and it is too cumbersome--and often impossible--to install and manage security software on every new device," said Joe Yeager, director of product management at Lancope. While conventional defenses are losing their efficacy amidst this rapidly-evolving environment, StealthWatch is filling in the gaps and providing the situational awareness needed to maintain high levels of security and performance in light of IT consumerization and BYOD."

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