LiveWire Mobile launches ringback ad service


Ringback, full-track music downloads and personalization services provider LiveWire Mobile announced the launch of RingSpot, an opt-in service enabling consumers to replace the ring callers hear with marketing messages supplied by national advertisers, nonprofits and local retailers. According to LiveWire, the RingSpot solution allows operators to drive ARPU while giving subscribers the flexibility to introduce marketing ringbacks in exchange for free minutes, discounts on monthly bills or credit towards advertisers' products and services--customers can play or block specific ads, or turn off all ads for designated callers.

In addition to hearing the initial RingSpot ad, callers can press a button to receive more information after the call via text message. Operators can also develop rotating advertising spots and target each channel to a specific group of subscribers based on demographics or time of day. LiveWire adds that RingSpot operates on the same MyCaller ringback platform the firm has already deployed across 23 countries and over 30 mobile operators worldwide.

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