Localytics: Newest iPads yield just 4% of Apple tablet sessions


Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) new fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini each accounted for only 2 percent of overall iOS tablet app traffic in November, app analytics firm Localytics reports.

Apple issued both the fourth-gen iPad and iPad mini (which touts a 7.9-inch display, compared to the original's 10-inch screen) on Nov. 2, and sales of the tablets are expected to surge during the holiday shopping season. In the meantime, the iPad 2 (introduced in May 2011) dominated traffic last month, generating 53 percent of all Apple tablet app sessions integrating Localytics' analytics and marketing services. The third-generation iPad (released this March) follows at 31 percent, trailed by the first iPad model (launched in Apr. 2010) at 12 percent.

iPad 2 users averaged 10 app sessions in November, ahead of third-gen iPad users at 9.7 sessions and first-gen iPad owners at 8.7 sessions. The iPad mini trails at 6.4 sessions, edging past only the fourth-gen iPad at 6.1 percent.

The fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini each accounted for only 2 percent of overall iOS tablet traffic.

"It is interesting to note that the iPad Mini saw higher sessions-per-user than the 4th generation iPad in November, despite both being released on the same date and having a similar share of the market," Localytics said. "Their generally lower sessions per user average compared to older iPads may be attributed to some degree to their being new devices, entering the market without a full month of usage, but the Mini's higher sessions per user metric may imply that its smaller form factor makes its usage closer to that of a smartphone."

Shifting the focus to Apple's iPhone, Localytics reports that the iPhone 4S (released in October 2011) accounted for 42 percent of November app sessions, edging ahead of the iPhone 4 (issued in June 2010) at 39 percent. The new iPhone 5, launched this September, is next at 12 percent, with the iPhone 3GS (released in June 2009) making up the remaining 7 percent.

iPhone 4S users averaged 16.3 app sessions last month. iPhone 4 owners are next at 15.9 sessions, followed by iPhone users at 13.7 sessions.

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