Majority of developers plan to develop up to 5 enterprise mobile apps this year


A full 63 percent of enterprise app developers plan to develop up to five mobile apps in 2016, and 23 percent expect to develop six or more, according to a survey of 1,950 mobile app developers by Bock & Company on behalf of rapid mobile app development provider Alpha Software.

Developers ranked security, offline mobile support, backend integration, cross-platform support and speed to market as their top priorities this year.

By contrast, the top priorities for end users in mobile apps are ease of use and intuitiveness, accurate data capture and improved productivity.

"Enterprises must seek developers who can quickly adapt and find the right platforms to deliver these critical requirements or their apps are likely to fail….A 'true' mobile application is more than just a responsive Web application running on a mobile device, it is a well-designed program adapted to the necessary medium," said Alpha Software CEO Richard Rabins.

Alpha Software is one of a number of RMAD providers that are growing in popularity in the enterprises. Other RMADs include Capriza, Reddo Mobility, StarMobile, PowWow and SkyGiraffe.

FierceMobileIT recently spoke with a number of market analysts who all agreed that RMADs would become more popular for enterprise mobile apps when there is a lack in the supply of qualified mobile app developers.

"These vendors have proven that they can offer someone with not a great deal of development skills the ability to rapidly create an application, skin it the way you want to skin it, connect it to a backend, if that is required, seamlessly," Eric Klein, director of mobile software at VDC Research, told FierceMobileIT.

Not surprisingly, the Alpha Software-sponsored survey found that respondents support low-code RMAD platforms to meet their requirements in an environment in which skilled mobile app developers are in short supply.

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