Majority of highest performing IT teams deploy enterprise app stores, says Accenture


More than half of the highest performing IT teams have deployed enterprise app stores, according to Accenture.

Moving forward, IT and business leaders must clarify the roles in mobile app development and transform the process to take advantage of new technologies quickly, support regular software iterations and accelerate business growth, explains Accenture in its new report, Accenture Technology Vision 2014.

"Farsighted business-users are eager to make their apps more useful and more contact-aware. Companies can no longer view software development as someone else's job. In the digital world, software must become a core competency for every company," observes Accenture's chief technology officer Paul Daugherty.

In addition, wearable devices and connected machines are changing the way businesses operate, says Accenture. These devices improve workforce capabilities and automate processes.

For example, Philips is running a pilot Google Glass app that enables physicians to monitor a patient's vital signs and react to surgical procedural developments without turning away from the patient or procedure.

"As the line between digital technology and the real world continues to blur, traditional companies are leveraging and enhancing their physical assets to create immersive user experiences that are enabling them to leapfrog online competitors," says Daugherty.

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