The metrics that will shape the future of in-app advertising


Mobile AdsIn-app advertising is poised to come under a lot more scrutiny. A public comment period has just ended for a set of guidelines put forward by various industry groups to standardize the way mobile app ads are measured. The guidelines, which will likely be finalized and made public this summer, suggest in-app ads should require client-side counting to report on impressions. They also offer pointed advice on app testing, disclosure practices and even auditing recommendations.

Led by the New York-based Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the guidelines are aimed both at mobile app developers who run in-app ads as well as ad networks and third-party firms that specialize in measuring mobile campaigns. According to Joe Laszlo, senior director at the IAB's Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, the guidelines have been under development in one way or another for almost three years, in part to get ahead of any contentious issues marketers and developers may face.

"We wanted to learn from what we've done well and what hasn't gone well in the PC-based or digital world," Laszlo said, referring to ad guidelines that were offered for earlier online marketing channels."It was really important to standardize advertising measurement in mobile as soon as it was practically possible--not to wait until agencies and marketers start complaining that they couldn't trust the numbers." Feature