Microsoft job posting hints at unified Windows Phone, Windows platform


A now-removed job posting indicates Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is moving to unify its mobile and desktop software platforms, making applications written for its Windows Phone operating system available across Windows 8/Windows RT PCs and tablets and vice versa.

The Feb. 7 posting read "Are you excited about Windows Phone? Are you passionate about delivering the best possible experience to the developer community? Do you wish the code you write for Windows Store apps would just work on the Windows Phone and vice versa? If so, then this is the role for you! We are looking for a highly motivated and technically strong [Software Design Engineer in Test] to help our team bring together the Windows Store and Phone development platforms," adding that Microsoft is "bring(ing) much of the WinRT [application programming interface] surface and the .NET Windows Store profile to the Phone."

Microsoft stated the engineer selected for the position "will work closely with your developer and [program manager] counterparts to solve the technical challenges of bringing a platform built for desktops and tablets to the phone form factor." The job has now been filled.

ZDNet notes Microsoft officials have stated there is a substantial amount of code reuse possible for developers looking to port their apps between its different Windows platforms, but it acknowledged last year that Windows Phone and Windows 8/Windows RT "do not have unified runtimes and application programming interfaces exposed." Windows Phone 8 does include the legacy Windows NT core, however.

Simplifying cross-platform Windows development would benefit developers and give consumers access to a far larger pool of available applications. As of late 2012, Microsoft's Windows Phone Store features more than 150,000 Windows Phone apps and games, doubling in size year over year. The software maker has never disclosed how many Windows desktop and tablet apps are available in its Windows Store.

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