Microsoft just posted a bunch of new job openings in HoloLens


Over the past year Microsoft has been working to beef up its HoloLens team and that trend continues in the new year. In the past week Microsoft has posted nearly a dozen new job ads, seeking professionals ranging from software and mechanical engineers to biometric security scientist, all to work on HoloLens.

The ads, most of which appear on Microsoft's own website, don't shed a lot of light on any new directions the company might be planning to take with HoloLens. Instead, the variety of open positions may indicate that Microsoft is more generally hoping to round out existing work it's doing with HoloLens.

A particularly vague but interesting description is for a biometric security scientist. The description notes that Windows Hello will let users unlock devices using their face, iris or fingerprint. But it doesn't directly connect that vision to HoloLens. The job ad could indicate that Microsoft is planning to let users log into their HoloLens using an iris scan or other biometrics.

Microsoft is also looking for a software engineer for the team who will be responsible for the "perfecting of magical experiences and applications for a first to market product."

Another ad describes a senior mechanical engineer who can help make sure the hardware holds up under stress. An image quality engineer will help work on the development of the HoloLens camera system.

Microsoft may need to beef up its HoloLens team. Last year Apple hired away a top engineer from the team, indicating it might be working on a HoloLens competitor. 

Also, these new job openings come on the heels of a round of layoffs that impacted 60 people in Microsoft's Israel HoloLens team. 

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