Microsoft launches 3D photo panorama app for Windows Phone


Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) unveiled Photosynth, a free application enabling Windows Phone users to create panoramic 3D images from conventional 2D photos.


Photosynth sews together multiple images of the same scene to create a full panoramic sphere.

According to Microsoft, Photosynth essentially sews together multiple images of the same scene to create a full panoramic sphere that stretches 360 degrees, both horizontally and vertically. The new Windows Phone app leverages the operating system's panoramic UI and onboard sensors to simplify the process: Users point and shoot, and Photosynth depicts the panorama as it develops, completing the stitching process on the device. Users may then view the panorama on their smartphone or upload the finished product to the site, Facebook, Twitter and Bing Maps.

Microsoft first launched Photosynth for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS last year. More than 7 million iPhone and iPad owners have installed the app.

Photosynth is available from Windows Phone Marketplace for devices running Windows Phone 7.5 or higher. Earlier this month, Microsoft began requiring Windows Phone 7.5 for all consumers wishing to install and update apps from the storefront. Users running previous versions of the OS can still browse Windows Phone Marketplace, but attempts to download or update an app will result in an error message.

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