Microsoft pushes Skype integration to Outlook's iOS and Android apps


Microsoft this week updated its iOS and Android Outlook apps with features that integrate Skype.

The mobile email client has been a success story for the company as it pushes CEO Satya Nadella's new cross-platform strategy. These features will only add to the number of use cases for Outlook and potentially give the Skype app a boost.

The new updates look to more seamlessly bring Skype into Outlook's calendar function, according to a blog post about the updates from Microsoft. Users can schedule Skype conversations from shared calendar events and automatically share the link to the Skype call in the event's description.

Once the time comes for the event, clicking the link launches the Skype app and brings users to the designated room. Microsoft pointed out in its blog post that even users who don't have the Skype app or an account can connect through Skype for Web on a browser as a guest.

Microsoft said the new Outlook update only integrates with the consumer version of Skype for now, but there are plans to include Skype for Business in a future update.

Outlook is already a favorite among power users as the email app of choice. Microsoft has done well in recent months to build out the program, starting with the acquisition and rebranding of Accompli a little over a year ago.

Further, the move will bring Skype, which Microsoft has made a concerted effort to push to the mobile and professional set, closer to Outlook. There's now little reason for Outlook users to select an app or service besides Skype when looking to hop on a quick video chat that comes about from an email chain. Consider this one more way Microsoft is creating an app ecosystem that its users never leave.

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- read the blog post from Microsoft

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