Microsoft supports one-handed layout for Word Flow keyboard on iOS


Microsoft is supporting a one-handed layout for its Word Flow keyboard on iOS, currently in beta, with a version for Android coming later, reported Brad Sams with

The one-handed fan style layout makes it easier to type using only the thumb. Microsoft is inviting Windows Insiders to try out the new keyboard on an iPhone.

Sams explained that the layout is similar to one used in Windows Vista.

"The biggest that all the keys are on the fan grid (in the Vista design, keys were split up into two thumb keyboards) and while I have not used the keyboard myself (images of the new layout were sent to me by a friendly Insider who asked that they not be published), it does look like it will make typing with one hand on iOS devices easier," Sams wrote.

Windows 10 Mobile does have a one-handed mode, but it is not a major redesign like the fan style layout. Rather it is a compact traditional keyboard that is shifted to the side.

"This additional feature will likely not sit well with those who are currently using Windows 10 Mobile as the feeling of Microsoft is abandoning the platform grows a little bit more real each time they take something that was unique about the OS and give it to iOS and Android users," opined Sams.

The fan style layout could come to Windows 10 Mobile, but so far it hasn't. Sams expects to see public images of the new keyboard "very soon."

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