Millennial Media launches mmStudio mobile ad creative toolkit


Mobile advertising network Millennial Media is rolling out mmStudio, a suite of tools enabling marketers and brands to build their own ad units and leverage existing creative or third-party rich media frameworks.

According to Millennial Media, mmStudio includes a series of solutions including Mobile Circular, which promotes up to 20 products within a single creative, effectively replicating the traditional circular insert model. Tools also feature 360 deg View, enabling consumers to interact with an object and rotate it 360 degrees in any direction; Smash It, an interactive game unit that prompts users to tap objects on the screen to earn points and post their scores to social media sites; The Cube, which supports up to six rotating images; and a touch-enabled Media Gallery.

The mmStudio solution also boasts multiple wireframes enabling advertisers to more efficiently design their own mobile ad units as well as integration with more than 10 rich media vendors including Crisp and Celtra, offering marketers the flexibility to develop their own creative, rely on stock wireframes or use their existing agency partners.

Last month, Millennial Media released versions 4.5 of its SDKs for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS and Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android, promising new capabilities and solutions designed to help developers more effectively monetize their mobile applications. Highlights include enhanced interstitial controls, advanced targeting techniques and improved video interstitial callbacks. Millennial concurrently introduced Client Ads, a premium in-app solution allowing developers to sell campaigns to their own advertisers and use the firm's ad-serving technology to run those campaigns in their applications.

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