Mobile app challenges also put developers' time, resources to the test


Contest Winner Mobile platform companies and those offering tools for developers often attempt to catch developers' attention with cash prizes, free trials of a product or mentorship opportunities. Such efforts often revolve around a contest that requires a developer to submit an app for judging. Some contests or developer challenges are run as part of major conferences or hackathons, while others are run independently as part of a corporate initiative. Some of these contests are open to almost any kind of app or mobile game, while others look at highly specific audiences and use cases, like an AT&T hackathon (where developers will attempt to create something that relieves autism) or the World Bank's contest to create the best sanitation-related apps.

The real challenge for many developers may be to decide whether or not it's worth their time, energy and expense to enter one of the many contests out there--and if so, how to choose the best ones. Feature