Mobile app developers zoom in on video trailers, ads


Video AdsConsumers can learn a lot about the smash mobile game Candy Crush Saga just by watching the video trailer, but not too much. Compared with movie trailers that sometimes seem to give away the entire plot, ultra-short video ads--whether promoting other apps and games or related products--are becoming an increasingly popular way for developers to acquire new users as well as potentially a method to monetize their apps through in-app purchases or revenue from mobile video ad networks.

For example, late last year Flurry said one of the customers of its AppCircle Clips found consumers acquired through video ads used apps 43 percent more often and played 23 percent longer per session than normal users acquired through traditional banner ads. Vungle, an in-app ad network that came out of private beta last year, has case studies that show developers generating conversion rates above 0.65 percent with video ads. Feature