Mobile apps, mixed business-personal device use fueling enterprise demand for mobile security products


A majority of enterprises surveyed by Infonetics Research said that they are deploying mobile device security products in order to "effectively handle mobile application control and mixed personal and business use."

Nearly half of respondents said that they prefer mobile security solutions embedded into the device operating system rather than overlay security product.

Only 15 percent believe that remote wipe, device location capability, or disk, file or SD card encryption are key technologies for their mobile security solution

"Nearly every enterprise in North America needs a mobile security solution because they're either managing mobile devices they own, rolling out a structured BYOD program or getting control of rogue employee-owned mobile devices that have been connected to the network. The lines between corporate and personal assets are blurring," says Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security at Infonetics.

"What the industry needs are solutions capable of securing all company- and employee-owned devices from the same console, to ensure an identical level of protection for all devices, which means deploying security in the network or cloud as well as on the device," Wilson adds.

While enterprises are increasingly concerned about mobile security, employees seem less so. According to a recent survey of 750 adults by Vision Critical on behalf of Absolute Security, one-quarter of enterprise workers do not think that data security is their responsibility and that they should face no punishment if they lose sensitive corporate data on their mobile phones.

More than one-third of respondents who had lost their mobile phones stated that they did not change their security habits as a result. At the same time, enterprises are not taking action to hold their employees accountable. 34 percent said they didn't face any penalty for their carelessness, 30 percent only had to replace the device, while 21 percent got a good "talking to" but nothing else.

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