Mobile devices, apps become mainstream work tools, survey finds


Mobile devices and apps are becoming mainstream tools for employees to get their work done, according to a recent survey of more than 850 professionals by work management platform Wrike.

Nearly half of employees reported working on-the-go between one and two hours daily, and 43 percent said that mobile devices are critical to doing their job, the survey found.

A full 44 percent of respondents admitted to working on their mobile devices, such as checking email and taking notes, more than 20 times per day.

Close to two-thirds of respondents use up to four mobile apps for work on their mobile devices, with more than one-third using five or more mobile apps for work.

Around 44 percent of respondents said they use two mobile devices for work, and 10 percent said they use three or more devices for work.

Wrike CEO Andrew Filev told FierceMobileIT that "it is a good time now for companies to include mobile as an important evaluation criteria when they source for applications and productivity tools. Before, mobile was a good to have add on…Now, in many markets, mobile should be an important evaluation criteria."

Close to two-thirds of respondents said they use their personal mobile devices for work. "This finding reflects what I have seen anecdotally….That is why BYOD has been a major topic on the CIO's agenda for the last couple of years," Filev said.

Filev recommended that companies embrace BYOD "thoughtfully – not just ignore it or block it but understand that it is happening, accept it, and then try to ensure security and productivity" in a BYOD environment.

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