Mobile gaming ditches 'spray and pray' approach


The mobile gaming industry is moving away from the "spray and pray" approach and is instead offering lifetime value to gamers in order to generate revenues.

Fueled by this new strategy, market revenues are forecast by Juniper Research to increase from $20 billion this year to $29 billion in 2016.

Instead of trying to acquire as many casual players as possible, developers are increasing the mobile games' lifetime value to users by analyzing, engaging and monetizing them. To do this, they are employing mobile analytics.

Because tablet users spend more money on in-game purchases than smartphone users, developers are adding enhanced performance and graphical capabilities to games played on tablets.

Developers are hoping that the beefed up tablet gaming experience will attract users from traditional portable gaming devices. At the same time, traditional gaming with dedicated gameplay hardware will continue as a niche gaming market.

Juniper expects that mobile gaming and other inactive entertainment segments will focus on user convenience and accessibility as well as online streaming in the coming years.

Widespread smartphone adoption and rising disposable income in emerging markets, such as Latin America, Eastern Europe and South Asia, are expected to increase in-game purchases in those regions.

Also, app storefront optimization will personalize the discovery process for app users, including mobile gamers.

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