Mobile logistics is the 'next big thing' for Industrie 4.0


Mobile logistics is the "next big thing" in the industrial transformation process known as Industrie 4.0, explains an article at Techtag.

Industrie 4.0 is a platform that unifies information among participants in the entire value chain--from product inception to design, manufacturing, services and refurbishment. The end result is a system in which all processes are integrated and information is exchanged in real time, says market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

The pillars of Industrie 4.0 are big data, the Internet of Things and Services, and integrated industries. An advantage of this platform is that it can provide customizable industrial products at an affordable price.

"Industrie 4.0 is fully set to answer the challenges lying ahead. An enormous transformation in the industrial landscape can be foreseen. Companies that fail to pre-empt this transformation will be left behind. Their products or solutions may become obsolete and eventually disappear," explains Frost & Sullivan industrial automation and process control practice director Muthukumar Viswanathan.

"There will be new and unconventional companies with radically new business models making a foray into the industrial space. Traditional industry boundaries are rapidly blurring owing to the nature of applications that may sprout up during the course of Industrie 4.0," Viswanathan adds.

One vendor active in the mobile logistics segment of this transformation is Hong Kong-based EasyVan, which has developed a mobile app that enables companies to manage their fleets more efficiently.

"Traditional call centers are still using voice to connect users and drivers, it takes a long matching time from 15 minutes up. On our app, the transaction between users placing orders to picking up orders takes only 5 seconds. It is a leap in efficiency," explains EasyVan founder and CEO Shing Chow in an interview with Marketing.

Frost & Sullivan is currently conducting research into the end-user role in Industrie 4.0 through end-user based focus groups. The research is intended to help vendors develop products to satisfy end-user needs.

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