Mobile malware running amok, study finds


Mobile malware is running amok, according to recent research from Information Week. In the publication's 2013 Mobile Security Survey, data revealed that the majority of IT security professionals worry about lost or stolen devices as a top sleep-depriver.

According to the survey, 78 percent of the 424 IT professionals polled cite lost or stolen devices as a top concern, whether the devices are company provided or BYOD devices owned by employees that may have corporate data on them.

The second greatest worry is users forwarding corporate information to cloud storage services, which was cited by 36 percent of respondents.

In response to growing security concerns, 46 percent of security pros that are involved with mobile device management, policy development or basic security say they are requiring a power-on password for any mobile device that accesses the enterprise.

A full 42 percent of respondents say they do not have malware scanning software in place, and only 39 percent say they have mobile device management software in place.

So what mobile devices are accessing corporate networks? "Many don't have a clue," the study reports.

Other key findings from the study:

• 53 percent of respondents require a minimum password length of more than four characters.

• 45 percent of respondents say they will allow any device to access the network as long as the user agrees to corporate policies, with no enforcement.

• 22 percent of respondents say they worry about devices being jail-broken or rooted by users.

• 7 percent of respondents say they have no password-strength policy whatsoever.

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