Mobile network backhaul equipment market to reach $6.71 billion next year

4G deployment prompting need for higher capacity, less expensive backhaul equipment

Fueled by 4G deployment and mobile data traffic, the global mobile network backhaul equipment market is predicted to reach $6.71 billion next year, according to the latest research from Visiongain.

Mobile network operators are struggling to address the explosion in data traffic generated by 4G services and are looking to offer sufficient high-speed capacity at a lower cost. To accomplish this, operators are turning to high-tech mobile network backhaul equipment, Visiongain noted.

"The mobile network backhaul equipment market is poised for vendors and equipment manufacturers as a huge demand is expected in carrier ethernet based backhaul equipment from the mobile operators, driven by LTE site deployments and limited spectrum and capacity constraints on existing networks," Visiongain explained.

This was a trend also identified by TechNavio, which found that 4G deployment was increasing demand for optical fiber cables and wavelength selective switches used in the mobile backhaul network.

''In order to decrease the manufacturing cost of network equipment and its subsequent rollout, most optical network providers, internet service providers, and equipment manufacturers are demanding tighter channel spacing, wavelength select switches," a TechNavio analyst, who did not want to be identified, commented.

The analyst noted that several WSS manufacturers are shifting from 100 GHz to 50 GHz channel spacing switches. As a result, the fiber capacity is being doubled and these networks are becoming more compatible with the wavelength division multiplexing products.

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